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  • 15 Self- Care Practices to Nourish the Soul

    Alice Huang

    Posted on March 19 2018

    One of the best things that we can do for ourselves is to take a break, slow down and show our minds and bodies the love they’re worth. Have you ever wonder what it means to really take care of yourself? For some, self-care doesn’t’ get added into the daily regimen due to a lack of time or know-how. But putting it on the backburner can, in turn, create stress, resentment and defer us from reaching...
  • 10 Awesome Holiday Gifts Under $100

    Alice Huang

    Posted on December 09 2017

    'Tis the season of giving! Even the most organized and well planned among us can find ourselves leaving holiday shopping to the last minute. Work gets frantic, the malls get insaneand there always seems to be another holiday party to attend. It happens to the best of us! So if you find yourself frantically attempting to cross through that list of names, we’re here to help! A little inspiration is...
  • How to Rock This Season's Hottest Color Trend (hint: it's a bold one!)

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on October 03 2017

    Image via

    Fall is here and red is the official color of Fall! As always, there are lots of new fall trends. While we love most of them, the one we’re mostexcited about is the color explosion of red! Straight from the runways to the streets, we’re seeing it spread like wildfire (no pun intended). From scarlet and candy apple to crimson and maroon, it’s definitely the hue to be seen in this season....
  • How to Take Care of Your Leather Bag

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on September 09 2017

    Do you own a couple of bags in your wardrobe? Most of the time, women possess at least two bags or more, depending on personal preferences. There are plenty of bag styles on the market, ranging from totes to clutches. But one real and rather fancy fashion investment is a designer leather bag. These bags exude style and sophistication. Aside from posh leather bags, there are also upcycled bags or...
  • 5 Celebrities Getting Behind The Fanny Pack

    Alice Huang

    Posted on August 01 2017

    Mei Vintage convertible fanny pack in silver
    The fanny pack is back in a major way, and this year, the throwback accessory is fresher than ever. When you heard the term 'fanny pack,' you might have immediately pictured the cheap, brightly colored bags we once cringed at from the 80s, but they’ve actually evolved to become quite fashion-forward. And us? We’re totally on board. Fanny packs have...