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10 Fashion Companies Dedicated to Doing Good

Mei Vintage

Posted on March 10 2019

New year, new you, right? If your list of resolutions for 2019 included doing more for others or the world somehow, there’s never been a better time. Other than volunteering or sending direct donations, one way to easily make a difference is by supporting businesses that have goals to do the same. Buying something for yourself or someone else feels great, but buying something while also giving back feels even greater. There’s a long list of socially and environmentally conscious companies these days, so to make your next shopping experience as charitable as possible we've gathered up a list of some of our favorites.


1. Marine Layer 

Marine Layer is a California-based apparel company that uses a beechwood pulp and custom fibers to make some seriously soft and stylish stuff. Aside from offering fashionable and quality products, they’re also dedicated to doing good. They recently launched ReSpun, which is a revolutionary recycling program that takes old t-shirts and creates them new again. In addition to making a major contribution towards textile waste, they also give back to local communities through Marine Layer Charitees.

Look we love: The Tate Crop Sweatshirt paired with our Hermosa Crossbody in splattered paint.


2. Bloom + Grace 

Bloom + Grace is a modern accessories brand that works with designers across the globe to create beautiful handcrafted pieces. Each one delivers on ethical and environmental standards and the company as a whole empowers artisan and underprivileged communities while promoting entrepreneurship. They’ve partnered with B1G1, and every accessory purchased works toward providing education for disadvantaged children in India, Cambodia, Thailand and Africa.


3. Love Your Melon 

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand started by a pair of young college students at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. In fact, the company was originally created as part of a school project (no joke!). They’re on a mission to give a hat to every child battling cancer in America, and 50% of all proceeds go to nonprofit partners supporting the fight. They started with a line of stylish beanies, that they’re mostly commonly recognized for, but now offer a collection of scarves, sweatshirts and even some home items, too.


4. Christy Dawn 

Christy Dawn is an LA-based fashion label started by Christy Dawn and her husband, Aras Baskauskas. The vintage-inspired collections (mostly dresses) are all made using only deadstock fabric, which is surplus material that comes as a result from large fashion brands over-ordering. The company is committed to reducing fashion waste through this eco-friendly design process and creating more one-of-a-kind, rare pieces to be cherished for many years.


5. Toms 

TOMS is a footwear company that’s pretty widely known at this point, both for their crazy comfortable shoes and for the one-for-one program trend they started. For every pair of shoes purchased, they donate a new pair to a child in need. Recently, the branded expanded beyond its original canvas sneakers and introduced other shoe styles, as well as sunglasses, bags and even coffee!

Look we love: The Jutti Mules paired with our Hermosa Crossbody in splattered paint.


6. Patagonia 

Patagonia is an activewear brand that sells everything from snow gear to sleeping bags to swimsuits and everything else needed for an outdoor adventure. The corporate philosophy is all about going green and being as eco-friendly as possible. Some of the steps they’ve made towards doing so are by establishing repair centers to increase the longevity of all of their products and also contributing a lot of money to grassroots environmental groups.


7. Galamar 

Galamar is a swimwear line by designer Blakely Wickstrom that uses recycled nylon fabric made from discarded fishing nets. How cool, right?! Fishing nets not only make up a significant portion of the ocean’s pollution (10%), but they can also be incredibly harmful to sea life. Galamaar is fighting against “fast fashion” with quality construction and extends their eco practices to other areas as well, with recycled hangtags and packaging.


8. Guru Sandals 

Guru Sandals is a yoga-focused company that offers a unique and comfortable line of single-post sandals and other items inspired by the one and only Gandhi. They’re made from hand-harvested, natural rubber that comes from the family’s farms in Kerala, India. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, and for every purchase made a tree is planted through the non-profit Trees for the Future.


9. Fazl Socks 

Fazl Socks are a line of unisex wool socks handcrafted by female artisans in the Himalyans. All of the amazing women that they’ve partnered with to knit the socks are paid a fair wage, and the company donates 50% of their profits to orphanages. Each pair sold goes to helping provide destitute children in India with shelter, education, food, clothing and more.


10. Siku 

Siku (pronounced SEE-ku) is a modern jewelry line that was built on the platform of raising awareness about global environmental issues and being a positive influence on the matter. All of the jewelry pieces are made within the U.S. from recycled metal, never from a mine, and all packaging is made from biodegradable paper. On top of that, 3% of all profits go towards climate change initiatives and organizations looking to reverse and prevent further damage.

Look we love: The Flex Earrings in gold 

Spring is right around the corner and it's time to start thinking about adding some happier hues into your wardrobe. We put together a spring inspired outfit to include some of the do good brands list above! We also added our signature Hermosa Crossbody to the list. Did you know Hermosa is made from recycled material in order to reduce fashion waste and make strides towards a more sustainable future (part of the overall mission here at Mei Vintage). With a unique design and removable chain, it’s a super versatile handbag that can easily take you from day to night! 


Brands that are doing good

Outfits: 1. and 2. Marine Layer  3. Siku  4. Mei Vintage   5. Galamar   6. Love Your Melon  7. TOMS


It’s so refreshing to see companies such as these making a profound and meaningful impact. Do you have any you’d like to see added to this list? Please share!



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