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Welcome to the world of Mei (pronounced May) - Chinese for "beautiful." Mei Vintage is a California based handbag company. Vintage inspired designs with a focus on sustainability. Fusing leather, vintage textiles and organic materials to create a unique handbag line aim for the modern nomad. Our handbags are of exceptional quality and handcrafted in the USA with attention to detail and feature timeless and functional designs that are meant to last season after season.

Mei Vintage is more than just a handbag company. We believe in mindful and conscious practice. There are options and alternative in this industry to manufacture responsible and with care. We are constantly learning and improving the process along the way. We focus on sustainable practices by using repurposed materials and source our materials domestically whenever possible. We are committed to responsible manufacturing practices and do our best to keep our production in the US and give back to the local economy.

Our roots are multicultural: Founder and Designer Alice Huang split her childhood between Taiwan and Los Angeles, then ran away to Hawaii (where she learned to slash a wave with the best of them). Eventually, she chased her dream back to LA where she started Mei Vintage out of a passion for organic materials and upcycled textiles. At the time, there were many retro style handbags made of recycled or natural materials that were vintage in vibe but short on beauty. Mei Vintage grew from the wish to create a vintage style handbag line focused on quality and beautiful design. Handbags from Mei Vintage aren't simply accessories. Each one is an artful combination of nature, culture, and innovation, forged together and preserved in each collection. Mei Vintage is Beauty, sustained.

Thank you for your support and joining us in this exciting adventure!