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Fall Layering Pieces to Keep You Warm And Fashionable

Mei Vintage

Posted on October 02 2018

As Summer comes to a close and temperature starts to drop, dressing for cold weather become mandatory. No amount of fashion forwardness will ever be enough to insulate you from plummeting temps and icy precipitation. So as the cooler seasons approach, when it comes to style it’s all about layering. But it’s a bit of an art form that isn’t always easy to master. To be honest, a lot of layering tactics only sound good in theory, and without a strategy and some know-how you can unexpectedly end up looking like the Michelin Man.

Why is layering important? It’s practical for one thing, especially as we transition from spring to fall and on to winter, and must be prepared for fluctuating conditions and navigating from the outdoor elements to indoor heating. From a style perspective, layering offers so much opportunity for creativity and a chance to add depth to any outfit, taking it from bland to grand.

It really comes down to knowing the basics. A neutral color palette always works well with layers, whether you go for the monochrome look or play with subtle contrasts and pops of color through accessories. A variety of unique cuts, different silhouettes and textures also help to avoid flatness. Here are a few of our favorite layering pieces to have in your closet as we prepare for the coming cold fronts.


A bold scarf

A printed scarf or two is an absolute must for chillier months- the bigger and more blanket-like the better. You’ll be thankful for how much protection one can provide and also at how much flair it can add to an outfit. It’s sure to function as your windy-day BFF.


A turtleneck

Turtlenecks pop up everywhere come autumn, and for good reason. They’re warm, comfortable and super versatile layering pieces. Sport one underneath a hooded vest paired with flared jeans and heels or below a shirtdress with tights and tall booties.


A Long Coat 

Long coat will forever remain a classic and they happen to layer perfectly on top of tees and soft sweaters for a casual, but more put together look. And when the temperatures continue to drop, you already got yourself covered.


A leather jacket

A leather jacket is another great outerwear option that’s not too heavy and can actually be worn year-round. Adding a bit of edge to your style, in particular these are great for shifting an outfit from daytime to nighttime, especially when layered with more black pieces. 


A white tee

A basic, well-fitting white tee shirt is a staple piece that will carry you through every single season. It not only layers well but also creates dimension. Wear it underneath a cropped sweater or any dress or romper you had originally thought was for warmer months only. Honestly, nothing is more versatile!


A white button down

A white button down polishes up any look and can be contrasted against everything from a casual knit vest to a tough leather jacket. Button it all the way up for the office and then loosen it up as you stroll into happy hour. It’s a real wear-anywhere closet necessity.


A crew neck sweater

This mainstay goes with everything from skirt suits to printed trousers to basic skinny jeans. Treat it like a base layer that you can strip down to once you’re safely inside. Size up a bit if you like a looser fit or want to sport bulkier pieces underneath.


A pair of knee-high boots

No need to stow away all of your skirts and dresses with your sandals and swimsuits. A pair of knee-high boots with tights or thigh-high socks will keep you plenty warm and chic- the two most important qualities for colder weather footwear.


A felt hat

A wide brim statement hat can trap in heat, add style and also serve as a quick fix for a bad hair day. It’s an easy accessory that can be found in a variety of styles and sizes, so there’s something out there for everyone. It just comes down to trying some on and seeing what looks best on you!


A pair of stylish socks

The change of the seasons doesn't mean you can't wear your favorite mules or peep toe shoes. It just means that you may need to layer them with a pair of socks or tights for some warmth. This trend is hotter than ever, and we’ve even seen it pop up in the summer months.


A multipurpose tote

Tote bags have been in style for quite some time, and are perfect for carrying around additional cold-weather items like scarves, gloves and earmuffs. Opt for a minimal silhouette in a neutral color that will be able to take you from the office to date night with ease.


A versatile belt

If you're still worried about looking too bulky beneath multiple layers, throw on a belt to help define your waist. Pair it with pants, cinch up a dress or layer it over coats and jackets.


Here’s a bit of outfit inspo to get you started:



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