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Mei Vintage Launches Sustainable Clothing Line

Mei Vintage

Posted on March 18 2022

mei vintage launches sustainable clothing line

In celebration of designer's favorite season, we are excited to reveal our new, sustainable capsule clothing line! Mei Vintage holds sustainability at the heart of the brand; we already use recycled and sustainable materials for our leather handbags and clutches handcrafted in the USA. So it was only natural that we venture into clothing, made from sustainable materials that will become some of your everyday wardrobe essentials.

These pieces approach sustainability by using beautiful, natural fibers such as organic cotton, linen, bamboo and hemp. They were chosen to minimize harm to the environment by using less water and pesticides than alternative fabrics like conventional cotton but also biodegradable as opposed to synthetic fibers such as polyester. The natural fabrics used in the collection have an emphasis on their cooling and breathable properties for the Spring and Summer seasons.

Mei Vintage values the idea of slow fashion, with a mindset of making garments that will last and be worn repeatedly. This ethos is brought to life with simple and versatile pieces such as the black linen skirt with a buttoned side slit - effortlessly chic and can be styled in numerous ways with the goal of becoming a wardrobe staple. Shop new collection here.

mei vintage sustainable clothing



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