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Accessorize: 8 Fun Ways to Style a Scarf

Mei Vintage

Posted on July 06 2020

Think scarves are just for the winter months? No way! This super versatile accessory can be worn all year round and in a variety of ways to bring a serious splash of style to any look. Not only are they one of fashion’s most underrated pieces, but they can also be quite functional even outside of the wardrobe. AKA there’s a lot of potential draping in that coat closet of yours. Here are 8 of our favorite ways to style and use a scarf.

Wear a scarf as a necklace
Channel your inner French girl (or flight attendant) and knot a scarf around your neck to bring a touch of sophistication to any outfit. A lightweight, square scarf works best here so that it ties easily and isn’t too bulky. You can adjust the knot so that it sits at the side of your neck or the center! 

Belt up a scarf
If you have flowy dresses or blouses that you like to cinch off at the waist to create some dimension, next time try using one of your scarves instead of a traditional belt! You may even grow to prefer them, as they’re much more adjustable, more forgiving and are offered in an array of colors and prints.

Tie a scarf around your wrist
Bracelets and watches aren’t the only way to spruce up your wrist. Wrap your favorite scarf around to change things up from time to time. A lightweight, flexible scarf works best here again. While any outfit will work, this looks pairs perfectly with a classic white button-down and trousers.

Pack a scarf as your travel companion
A scarf is a great accessory to have on hand for unpredictable weather or occasions, which is why it’s so great for traveling. While jackets and cardigans can be bulk and take up space, scarves hardly take up any room and can even be tied around your purse or suitcase for easy access.

Use a scarf as a hair accessory

Bad hair days? No thanks! Spruce up your locks (or hide them completely) by tying in a scarf. Wrap one around your ponytail or wear one on top of your head like a headband or bandana. It can serve as an effortless finishing touch!

Turn a scarf into handmade face mask
If you want to add a layer of protection to keep germs out AND stay fashionable, turn a scarf into a makeshift face mask! While it won’t be up to medical grade, it will cover your mouth and nose entirely. Check out the full instructions here!

Reuse a scarf for sustainable gift wrap
Out of wrapping paper? Look to your not-so-favorite scarf or maybe one you’ve just worn one too many times to get the job done. In this case you’ll not only recycle, but also give it the opportunity for a new life! If you need any further convincing, scarves make for an easy gift wrap that requires no tape or scissors! Here's an older blog post (oldie but a goodie) that explained the art of Furoshiki gift wrapping technique

Knot a scarf to your handbag
Add a little flair to your favorite purse or tote bag by tying a scarf to one of the handles. While any handbag will work, this look is best suited for a structured one. Simply fold your scarf into a triangle, roll it up into a straight line bandana style) and knot it around the base of the handle.


With summer upon us, here’s a little style inspiration we’re currently loving on Pinterest. Also, new to our shop, we have added some vintage bandana and silk scarfs you can now purchase online - SHOP HERE!


Feeling inspired? We want to see how you style (or use) your scarf. Snap and pic and tag us on Instagram at @meivintage!


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