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  • Some of my favorite things

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on April 25 2014

    I recently took time out to declutter my closet as I believe in keeping only quality, timeless, and unique items whenever possible. Spring is the time when I donate my old clothes and make room for new ones. This season, I'm in love with Lauren Moffatt's Plumeria quilted top dress and I think our new kimono clutch/crossbody in powder blue goes perfectly with it, as well as some of my other...

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on September 26 2013

    Fall is officially here and we have new arrivals to share with you!

    NEW: Kimono Crossbody in new fall prints and Allie, a schoolboy-inspired style satchel 

    Here's some of my favorite finds for fall to pair with our new hermosa crossbody!
    1. Camel sweater, J. Crew  2. Ciccio eyeglasses, Super  3. Hermosa Crossbody, Mei Vintage
    4. The Fault in Our Stars, John Green   5. A-line skirt, Lauren Moffatt 6....
  • Summer Inspiration

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on June 18 2012

    Yay! The sun is finally peaking out!  My favorite season is defiantly summer!  For me, summer is all about exploring new places, planning barbeque parties, and wearing playful dresses.  I'm always on the hunt for great dresses.  I've discovered Lauren Moffattfew years ago, and I've been admiring her designs ever since! Summer is here and we have some great bags to brighten up your wardrobe. Our...