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  • How to Rock This Season's Hottest Color Trend (hint: it's a bold one!)

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on October 03 2017

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    Fall is here and red is the official color of Fall! As always, there are lots of new fall trends. While we love most of them, the one we’re mostexcited about is the color explosion of red! Straight from the runways to the streets, we’re seeing it spread like wildfire (no pun intended). From scarlet and candy apple to crimson and maroon, it’s definitely the hue to be seen in this season....
  • Embrace Cozy Fall

    Mei Vintage

    Posted on October 12 2012

    Summer has officially ended, and the sunny weather in California is starting to cool off!  A sure sign when summer has come to an end is when I start layering clothes and gravitate my shopping purchases toward sweaters and autumn color palettes.  I'm starting to gear up for my fall purchases and I am in love with Heidi Merrick's Fall 2012 collection! She's a California clothing designer and her...