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5 Celebrities Getting Behind The Fanny Pack

Mei Vintage

Posted on August 01 2017

Mei Vintage convertible fanny pack in silver
The fanny pack is back in a major way, and this year, the throwback accessory is fresher than ever. When you heard the term 'fanny pack,' you might have immediately pictured the cheap, brightly colored bags we once cringed at from the 80s, but they’ve actually evolved to become quite fashion-forward. And us? We’re totally on board. Fanny packs have simply become more versatile and can be worn with nearly anything these days. This hands-free trend will give your shoulders a break with the added convenience of having your items securely within arms reach.


Still not convinced? All of the biggest fashion houses (think Gucci, Chanel and Alexander Wang) are revisiting the fanny pack in all of its many forms, and we’re even seeing them hit the runway. And yes, formerly a fashion faux pas, the fanny pack has become quite the celebrity staple. Every modern icon, from Rachel Zoe to Miley Cyrus has hit the street or red carpet in some extravagant version of the once mocked accessory. Here are some of the most notable, just to name a few:


Kendall Jenner: 


If there’s anyone who likely has an entire closet dedicated to fanny packs, it’s Kendall Jenner. She’s been photographed in an assortment of styles over the past year, and was once quoted say that, "The best place to wear a fanny pack is the club, it keeps your hands free and you are not afraid of losing anything.”


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Kourtney Kardashian:


It must run in the family, as the eldest sister once wrote via her personal website, "Belt bags, fanny packs, bum bags- whatever you call them, LOL- they are a great accessory for when you want to be hands-free.” And we must say, she makes one look super chic. 


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We all know by now that Rihanna can make anything look good. Even this chunky fanny pack with gaudy, gold dollar signs she rocked a few years back (although she’s sported more feminine ones as well). 


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Sarah Jessica Parker:


A true fashion icon, SJP stepped out flaunting this comeback accessory before it was even cool again. She’s been photographed adorning the fanny pack both on the streets as well as at high-publicity events, so you know she’s a true fan.


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Kate Bosworth:
Kate Bosworth has also been seen hitting the red carpet looking stylish and hands free. Here, the fanny pack almost takes the form of a belt, and adds an interesting dimension to a simple, yet classic look. 
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Don’t know what to wear your fanny pack with? We’re breaking it down to show you how to rock this accessory for both casual and more formal occasions. Fanny packs come in many shapes, sizes, colors and prints these days, and can even be worn in more versatile ways (like strapped over the shoulder). So don’t limit your imagination. When you start to see the fanny pack beyond something that can only paired with khaki cargo shorts and Hawaiian t-shirt, you realize that they can actually look cool. 


Dressy outfit:


Heading out for a night on the town? Swap your trusty clutch for a brightly colored or metallic fanny pack. This is practically a no-brainer outfit and will have you out the door in minutes. Plus, hands-free means more dancing. 


Casual outfit:


Choose a basic version of the fanny pack that still feels modern, and marry it with a printed button-down top and simple silver hoop earrings for an easy breezy preppy look.


1. Isolla dress  2.Quay sunglasses  3. Freepeople mini hoop    4. Mei Vintage fanny pack (black)
5. Mei Vintage fanny pack (silver)  6. Forever 21 button down shirt  7. AG Jeans


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